Friday, July 4, 2014

Plans for This Blog

I have decided that I am going to start posting some of the reviews that I originally posted on Epinions here.  I think that most of the time when I do that, I’ll probably make at least a few changes.  When I do repost one of those reviews, I will mention that it was originally posted on Epinions.  If I have recently reread the book, then I might just do a whole new review.  I think I will still mention that I had previously posted a review of the book at Epinions in that case as well. 

I have managed to read more books again recently and I hope to get some reviews posted soon.  I just need to get back into writing more consistently than I have lately.  When Epinions closed down a few months ago, it did cause me to lose motivation, something I am still dealing with.  Hopefully I can keep my motivation so I am able to post more consistently and often. 

I think at times that I will make posts about what I am currently reading or about a new book - or books - that I have gotten.  I also want to set up a page, or maybe it will just be a few posts, that list the books I have reviewed along with links to the reviews.  I had something like set up for my reviews at Epinions.  I will be doing this for each of my blogs.  I know I don’t have many posts on any of them right now, but I figure that this is a good time to get started on that.

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